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How safe is your vehicle’s infotainment system?

Over the past few years, vehicles have been catching up with the latest technology. It’s now common for Buffalo residents to drive cars that come with digital devices, called infotainment systems, built into the center console.

Although these systems include helpful features, they might not be as safe as manufacturers claim. In the digital age, you may feel pressured to be “always on,” or constantly accessible through phone calls, texts and email. For this reason, texting and driving has remained a major issue on New York roadways, but infotainment systems might soon replace phones as the top cause of distracted driving.

Bad signs can cause serious accidents

Highway departments place signs by the roadside in order to clarify what happens just ahead. People depend on signs, especially when they are in area they are not familiar with.

But unless the sign is carefully worded and placed, the sign itself can lead to serious accidents.

How important is auto accident investigation?

Whenever there is a serious accident on our roads, some kind of investigation should be conducted. Police conduct their own investigations, and so do insurance companies. Since this is the case, it is wise to conduct your own, through an experienced attorney or private investigator.

Professional investigators often come from other professions: police work, automotive design or engineering. To be effective they must be skilled at logic, physics, data analysis and detective work.

What is an injury?

As questions go, this one seems pretty obvious. Of course you know what an injury is. It's a broken arm, or a laceration, or a truck running over your foot. Something bad and obvious that happened to you.

Those are injuries, all right. But there are other kinds of injuries as well.

Spinning to injury? Three tips to enjoy trending toy safely.

Popular toys come in and out of the mainstream market like waves in the ocean. Everything from Beanie Babies, Tickle Me Elmo and Pokémon toys has had their moment in the spotlight, gaining the adoration of children and the young at heart throughout the country. Some of these toys remain in the public's favor for generations, others only for a brief moment in the spotlight.

A toy that is currently enjoying its moment in the spotlight is referred to as a fidget spinner.

Not everyone is familiar with this popular toy. The toy is basically a small, palm-sized device shaped like a propeller. Users hold the device between the thumb and middle finger and send it spinning. The toys were initially marketed to children with autism and other special needs as a means to help increase concentration. The original patent has expired and toy manufacturers throughout the country have begun mass producing these spinners. The public has taken notice and responded positively, buying the toy in huge numbers. This popular response has sent many stores in a rush to fill out additional order forms, ordering additional shipments after selling out of their initial stock.

This popular toy seems harmless, arguably even beneficial, yet it has become the center of an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Four tips to avoid distraction while driving

The statistics on distracted driving tell a grim story. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that at least eight people in the United States die every day in crashes where at least one driver was distracted. This type of driving takes many forms. For example, daydreaming about a job promotion, reaching for a fallen object or closing your eyes for a couple of seconds all count. The good news is that being proactive goes a long way, so here are four tips you can use to stay safe on the road and prevent car crashes.

Is it time to get a second medical opinion?

Getting a second medical opinion can provide you with peace of mind and is not a waste of time or money. At the very least, it confirms a diagnosis, and it may well call into question the original diagnosis. Conditions such as strokes, cancer and heart attacks are frequently mistaken for something else, so another perspective could be the difference between life and death. Here are five reasons you should seek out a second opinion.

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