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Is it time to get a second medical opinion?

Getting a second medical opinion can provide you with peace of mind and is not a waste of time or money. At the very least, it confirms a diagnosis, and it may well call into question the original diagnosis. Conditions such as strokes, cancer and heart attacks are frequently mistaken for something else, so another perspective could be the difference between life and death. Here are five reasons you should seek out a second opinion.

1. You want one

It does not matter if you or anyone else thinks you are being silly; if you want a second medical opinion, you should get one. Listen to your gut. The worst thing that can happen is that you spend a little more time and money to confirm a diagnosis.

2. You are not confident in your doctor

Maybe your appointment felt rushed, or your doctor did not seem to listen to you. There are many reasons you might not be confident in your doctor, so seek out another opinion. You will not hurt your doctor's feelings; alternate perspectives are part of the profession.

3. Your diagnosis was severe

If you have been diagnosed with a serious condition and it requires intensive treatment, it is natural to want a second opinion. Why go through a lot of mental and physical anguish if your diagnosis might be incorrect?

4. Insurance requires it

Many insurance companies do not want to pay for incorrect or unnecessary treatment, so your agent may mandate that you consult another doctor.

5. You want to explore alternative treatments

Some medical treatments seem overly harsh or invasive. All doctors have different approaches and different ways of dealing with various illnesses and diseases. Getting additional insight into treatment is a good idea.

When you go for your second opinion, have a list of questions ready. Make your queries pointed and specific, and try to bring another person to the appointment with you. That person could take notes if you do not want or are unable to, or the person could listen in to ask questions may not have thought of and make sure everything is clear and aboveboard. Arrange for your medical file to be sent to the other doctor's office before the appointment, and, if possible, bring your own copy as well.

A misdiagnosis could have many negative consequences on your health or on a loved one's well-being. If you have been incorrectly diagnosed, an attorney can help you understand the options available.

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