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What is an injury?

As questions go, this one seems pretty obvious. Of course you know what an injury is. It's a broken arm, or a laceration, or a truck running over your foot. Something bad and obvious that happened to you.

Those are injuries, all right. But there are other kinds of injuries as well.

Some other injuries:

  • When you go out to an expensive restaurant and get sick after eating the shrimp.
  • When the car accident was ten months ago and you are still afraid to drive.
  • When the neighbor's dog gets loose and bites you on the leg.
  • When your doctor prescribes 500 mg of your prescription when he meant to prescribe 50, and you end up in the ER.
  • When you can no longer work as a cashier because your wrist hurts so much.
  • When you're in a bar and the guy next to you slugs you in the mouth.
  • When your great aunt in assisted living develops serious bedsores.
  • When after working for the same excavation company for 30 years, you are diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • When you are on vacation with your family and your child nearly drowns in the untended hotel pool.

Walmart lawyers

Many firms focus on the easy injuries, the highway crashes and grocery aisle slip-and-falls. These routine cases are called low-hanging fruit. We call these attorneys Walmart lawyers because they take on lots of cases and settle for what they can get. Some of them have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

We do those, too, but we cast our net wider. We define ourselves by the focus we place on each individual injury, no matter how complex, and by the effort we put into investigating what happened to you and whose negligence may have contributed to your pain.

Our goal is always to get you back to living your life as close as possible.

It's not just idealism on our part, the determination to help people. It's the desire to take on the big insurance companies and win, our experience and brainpower against theirs.

Maybe a Walmart lawyer is right for you. But if you want a lawyer who listens, who sees you as a person and not just a case number, who sympathizes with your problems, and who takes aim at the maximum possible compensation, call us in Orchard Park.


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