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Are your child's toys safe?

As the holiday season has ended, now is an excellent time to take a look at some of the new toys your children received and see if any appear on a recall list. This year's list includes a children's book and trike, among others.

Keeping your child safe while providing stimulating and fun entertainment may prove difficult. However, there are some steps you can take before adding an item to your cart to help ensure your child will not get hurt.

Is it size appropriate?

The younger the child, the larger components the toys should contain. Small parts or accessories may break off while a small child is vigorously exploring the toys with an open mouth.

Does it have strings?

Toys that contain legs, tails or leashes may get caught around a child's neck. Check the length of the cord and the connection to the toy. Some toys use grommets or metal rings to attach the string. The rings may break loose and wind up in a child's mouth.

Is the toy sturdy?

Toy manufacturing is well-monitored to ensure no part of the toy is toxic. However, there are times when the paint can chip or soft surfaces tear and reveal beans inside. Check the surface to make sure it is impenetrable to small, curious fingers.

Does the sound seem too loud?

Sometimes the sound a toy makes is too loud for a child's ears. Stay away from toys that do not allow you to control the volume.

Is the surface too sharp?

Babies and toddlers benefit most from portable toys. However, they should be smooth and round. Sharp edges around the toy or on accessories can cause a hazard should a toddler fall on it.

Trust your judgment when choosing toys for your child. Do your best to ensure they are age-appropriate and free of defects and apparent signs of danger, and keep an eye on product recalls. You should always continue to monitor your child during playtime, even if a toy seems safe.

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