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Holding Manufacturers Responsible For Product Safety

Manufacturers that place dangerous products in our homes, garages or workplaces cannot simply walk away if those products have defects that cause serious injury. The civil justice system gives you an opportunity to right the wrong and hold the manufacturer responsible. This area of law is known as product liability.

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Understanding Product Defects And Who Is Responsible

When a product such as an auto component, a child’s toy, a power tool, a machine, an appliance or another consumer or industrial product causes an injury, it may be because the product was defective. There are three types of product defects:

  • Design defect: The product does not include safety features such as guards or power cutoff to prevent injuries.
  • Manufacturing defect: The product breaks due to faulty materials or assembly, causing an injury.
  • Failure to warn: The product does not come with adequate safety warnings.

Even if you were using the product in a way that was not intended, you may have a case against the manufacturer, the distributor or the store that sold it if your use was something that could be reasonably anticipated.

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