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Upholding Construction Workers’ Rights After Work Accidents

New York is unique among the 50 states in that it is the only state with laws directly related to protecting construction workers. Labor Laws 240 and 241 are designed to protect the rights of workers whose employers may not always put their safety first.

At The Joy E. Miserendino Law Firm, P.C., we help injured construction workers under these and other New York statutes. We know construction workers risk their lives and limbs every day. We use the civil justice system to right the wrongs of employer-caused construction accidents when workplace safety is not a priority. Call us at 716-854-1005 for a free consultation with a compassionate personal injury attorney to discuss your construction claim. With offices in Buffalo and Fredonia, we represent injured construction workers throughout upstate New York.

What Do Labor Laws 240 And 241 Say?

Under New York Labor Law Sections 240 and 241, construction companies and general contractors that have direct control and oversight over a construction site are strictly liable for accidents caused by:

  • Scaffolding falls
  • Scaffolding, platform, staging or crane collapses
  • Falling tools or objects
  • Equipment failures
  • Excavation cave-ins
  • Elevator and lift accidents
  • Guardrail failures
  • Unmarked or unguarded holes

Section 240, sometimes called the “Scaffold Law,” includes strict requirements for building and maintaining guardrails and other safety devices on scaffolds. Section 241 covers safety on the ground when using lifts or hoists or when doing excavation or demolition work.

What Do These Labor Laws Do?

Workplace InjuriesThese laws protect construction workers’ rights to sue their employers when safety precautions are overlooked or ignored. This compensation goes above and beyond workers’ compensation, which only provides compensation for medical expenses and wages lost due to work-related accidents.

Because of the serious, often life-changing impact of construction site accidents, employers can and should be held accountable for any lapses in work-site safety. If you or someone you love was severely injured because of employer negligence on a job site, attorney Joy E. Miserendino and her team can help you hold the employer legally and financially accountable.

We Put Workers' Lives First

Bringing claims under Labor Laws 240 and 241 means that someone somewhere in the administrative chain prioritized profits over worker safety. That should never happen. To discuss your potential claim in a free consultation, call our lawyer at 716-854-1005 or schedule your free consultation today.


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